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UMB設計師Olivia為準新娘度身訂造華麗晚裝 UMB設計師Olivia為準新娘度身訂造華麗晚裝

感謝準新娘陳小姐揀選Unveiled Moment Bridal為她度身訂造一件晚裝,本店設計師Olivia與陳小姐面談並了解她的要求後,為陳小姐設計了一件淺粉藍色(baby blue)A-line中袖晩裝,以藍色Satin作底布再襯上網紗 Read More

UMB婚紗店設計團隊為你度身訂造獨一無二嘅婚紗晚裝 UMB婚紗店設計團隊為你度身訂造獨一無二嘅婚紗晚裝

Uniqueness is what a bride pursues; her natural beauty is yet to be unveiled…
“獨一無二”是每位新娘所渴望追求的, 在揭開頭紗的一刻她的美就此綻放… Read More

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